We will help you discover genealogy resources in the place where your ancestor lived. We will also show you how to use and find access to the resources we share. 

Ellis and I are super excited to share how our research road blocks opened up after we decided to hit the road.  Genealogy has begun to be a trip where we pick a place we would like to highlight in our genealogy research.  We share everything from planning the trip and learning about the resources and repositories where we want to go digging.

We have collected so much information about records that we found useful in discovering the stories of our ancestors.  We feel this the best format to share. We will share photos, video and blog posts, and we will even host webinars on a regular basis.  You will feel like we have taken you along with us.

Many of the places we visit are places where our family lived. We have spent years researching them online or from afar only to realize the resources we need are hidden away offline. We are making the sacrifice to go personally to libraries, museums, archives, courthouses, and anywhere that has historical records that we can look at, handle, and tell you about.

We noticed how much we are learning about how records are cataloged, the format in which they are preserved, and which repository has which records in a particular locality.  We are finding more doucmentation and bringing down brickwalls that have existed even before we became the historians of our family.

I could eat, sleep, and live doing research day in and day out, but we know that may be a little more rabid for people who have more demands on their time.  Ellis has caught the bug too, but he still likes to stop and find a good meal or see the local sites.  I find we work well together when we do that. There is nothing like your stomach growling while you are scanning microfilm especially since Ellis has a tapeworm.  LOL!

Anyway, we feel you will probably be interested in the places we dine and sight see too, so expect us to share the fun we have along the way!

We are getting a lot of great feedback about our Genealogy is a Trip Webinars.  You can listen to some of our earlier ones for free here .   We use the webinars to teach more indepth about our discoveries, and we share how you can access the resources we find offline. In many cases, offline research has helped us to know how to better use and access records available online.

See you on the road,